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Pelles Fiske is mainly in Swedish, but some English material are available and the plans are to expand this part, so keep coming back!

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Färsåns Fishing Camp
Affordable accommodation in a peaceful and harmonious environment, beautifully situated in the Ammerån river valley.

Pelles Fiske presents

Ammerån - a section, crammed with facts about the fishing in the lower parts of Ammerån, and how the fishing have developed from the seventies up until today.

Fishing-TV (in English) - one of Pelles Fiskes more strange experiances - fishing guide in a Hungarian TV-production about the fishing in Ragunda.

Pelles Fiskes biggest inventions
Chapter 1: Arnes Ant
Chapter 2: Gold-headed Européa-12
Chapter 3: CDC-12
Chapter 4: The One

The journey to America - about a fishing trip to Colorado.
Fly fishing European Chamionship 2014 - my impressions of this spectacular event.