My Ammerån - how it continued - the eighties <in Swedish>

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During the eighties, Göran, a year older than me and the youngest of the boys in the neighboring farm, was my constant fishing companion at the river's shores. We fished a lot and learned both new places and new technologies. We tested new fly patterns and discovered dry fly fishing. During this decade, I went from being a relative novice to being a real connoisseur of Ammerån - at least from Moan down to Skattlandsforsen rapids. My casting technique gradually improved and I began to use three flies in my fly cast. At the tip of the leader we always put a black nymph, and on the upper hanger we usually put either a Teal, Blue and Silver, Telemarkkongen or any other wet fly with silver body. Depending on the conditions that prevailed, we had a wide range of fly choises on the lower hanger - quite often a green nymph when fishing in early June, and in the season's latter stages a purple nymph or some new fly that we wanted to try out. The dry flies we used were mostly self-composed patterns, and by the ones that have stood the test of time and are still used today you find the Bôlôn favorite and the Ajax fly.

The fishing tourism in Ammerån slowly started to increase, and it was no longer so certain that you got to have your favorite places in by yourself anymore. The minimum measurement for an approved catch increased to 30 cm, and fish conservation association became more and more active in issues aimed at making the river more attractive to non-parish fishermen. Having parts of the river closed, either completly closed or with stricter rules, were considered and implemented. Amidst all this, my own fishing skille developed, and continued so going into the nineties.

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