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Blomgrundet is a place you could easily walk right past if you did not know about it. The river in fact looks retty boring there, since the stream is wide and relatively flat, and you can easily fool yourselve into believing that the bottom lack the structure necessary to create the appropriate venues for grayling. Now this is not so, quite the contrary. Here you find grayling all across the river, and although it's hard to get any really big grayling at "Blommis" you can instead get a lot of them. A bit below Blomgrundet you find Danielholmen, addressed in a separate chapter. If you go upstream, past the fairly long part with faster stream, at the beginning of the same one finds an interesting wrap with, a place that goes under the name "Harrstället ". It's a pretty small fishing spot, and it can only with good will host two fishermen there at the time. However, it is so good that you should make a stop there if you are nearby. There has been a lot of big grayling caught at Harrstället. Blomgrundet is a place to go to when the spring floods has receded, and before the water starts to get really low. It is night fishing with sinking flies that applies, and when you hit the darkest hour, it is time to trudge up to Harrstället and dip a black nymph in to the black eddies.

Blomgrundet is one of the places in Ammerån where I have spent the most time at. Particularly during the first half of the eighties, me and Göran spent very many nights there. We used arrive around ten o'clock in the evening, so that we in peace and quiet could start a fire, drink coffee, fish for a while and have a generally nice time before the fish was really on the bite around midnight. We used to come home in the small hours, and had by then also managed a few turns up to Harrstället. The times we came home with a fish-empty knapsack were very few.

The most memorable moments from these nights derives, however, from Harrstället. One night, the fishing was unusually slow and we had only catched a few small grayling when I found my way up to Harrstället. The same day I had tied a pepper nymph - a realistic imitation of a caddis pupa where you first ties a body of rubber that is glued and rolled in coarse ground pepper - which would show whether it worked. I placed the leader in the dark eddies of the entrance to the calm waters, and soon I felt a tug on the line. I lifted the rod and immediately felt that it was one of Harrställets big grayling who have chosen to test the pepper flavor. A moment later, the big grayling was landed and now rested in the knapsack. The fly had taken so much beating at the drill, so it was not possible to use anymore, and despite the fine debut of the pepper nymph I have never tried it again because of the flies questionable strength.

N Nowadays, it's rare that I spend whole nights at Blomgrundet. It is, however, a given place to fish when one passes through, and Harrstället still gives a great feeling of anticipation when you put out the fly cast in the black edge of the stream.

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