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The minimum size is by now 35 cm, and the bag-limit is no more than five fish per day (or less in some parts) - measures called for by the increasing tourism in the area. Between 2005 and 2008, the stretch from Moan down to Baracken was closed again in an attempt to increase grayling tribe's strength by giving the fish a safe habitat, and to serves as an area of research for a project led by Umeå University. After the project, the stretch was opened, but with heavy restrictions regarding the fishing, a separate fishing license and with much harsher rules. This has borne fruit as the amount of grayling on the route is many times higher than outside.

The first years of the new millennium was not particularly rewarding from a fishing point of view - both 2000 and 2001 were destroyed by heavy rains that made the most of the streams and rivers in Sweden more or less flooding over, and 2002, when it was a dry summer, it in return was too dry with all too warm and all too low water as a result. The following years were a little better, and getting some fish good enough for the table was no problem. However, it seems a bit harder to get the really big grayling on the hook, even if it still exists. Summers nowadays tend to be either very wet or very hot, so the fishing is really up and down, season by season.

I lived in Hammarstrand between 2005 and 2010, and those years I fished Ammerån relatively frequent. Moreover, instead of fishing myself in Ammerån, many evenings I spent as guide to others who fish instead - something that I find very rewarding is that you get to meet so many nice people and you get the chance to share their experiences - it is a special feeling when you helped a guest to his first grayling catch!

The Fly fishing European Chamionship 2014 was an interesting experiance - Ammerån was fished by the European elite fly fishing teams, and showed that there is a lot of grayling in the river, but that there still is fairly seldom you catch the bigger ones.

Ammerån is, and will remain, my home fishing waters - she might not provide me with as many large grayling as before, but is still a nice fishing waters, in wonderful setting, and well worth a visit!

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