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Although it looks good on the north side at Baracken, it is usually a waste of time to fish there. On the south side, however, it is much better. There are several fine streams and hollows, lined up one after another, that can hold a lot of nice grayling in the second half of the season. The finest current edge ends up in a pretty big pool, and are most appropriate fished using the classic British wet fly fishing method, with three flies on the leader.

During the second half of the seventie,s and in the early eighties, my father had a rowing boat lying at Baracken, whose only use was to transport us over to the fine streams on the south side. It was at these currents I learned to master the exciting night fishing for grayling, which can be undertaken during the really pitch-black August nights. During the darkest hour you could barely see your hand in front of you, and hence you had to memorize the shore and the streams to know where to fish. The grayling usually go into shallow water during these conditions, and sometimes you found fine grayling just inches from the shore. I have many fond memories of those nights. My father's boat finally gave up, and since then it is too rarely, I have made myself the trouble to take me across the river for a visit to these currents.

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