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In my youth, Färsån constituted an interesting little stream for the trout interested fishermen. Ammeråns own trout strain reproduces itself in Färsån, and to protect the trout, there is a total ban on fishing in the creek. The creek itself holds alot of trout, and those were what I was looking for when I as a kid went on stream angling Färsån. Knowing that there were really large trout - the memory of the sight when my uncle came, carrying a brown trout of at least half a kilogram caught in one of Färsåns black holes, were etched to my mind - meant that I did not mind all the mosquitoes and gnats around the creak, and although I never ctched any trout that can be considered really big, I had many rewarding moments around the stream. Creak fishing is an exciting form of fishing which more or less seems to be forgotten today. You usually have to approached the black hollows with great caution, when you otherwise might scare the shy trout, and gently dip the worm-primed hook in the water. Then you just had to wait and hope for the trout to bite the bait. The equipment is simple - a short top-knotted rod, a can of worm and maybe some spare parts in the form of extra line, hook and lead are all that is needed .

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